What is GirlTrek?

GirlTrek is a walking revolution. It’s going down in Black communities across America. Thousands have already joined. Women are leading change and bringing others with them – Harriet Tubman-style.

Throughout the year GirlTrek host fun, vigorous walking challenges. You can participate alone, as a solo “Trekker”, or you can invite your friends and family to join you and lead a “Trek Team.” During the challenges, you commit to walking at least 5 days a week for at least 30-minutes a day. We will be there to cheer you on, provide inspiration and helpful tips, award you with cool prizes, and make sure you cross the finish line!

Learn more about GirlTrek by visiting our full website – www.GirlTrek.org

After I register, what do I need to walk?

You need:

  1. A supportive pair of walking shoes
  2. An official “super-hero blue” team shirt (so we can check for you on the street!) http://girltrek.storenvy.com/
  3. 125,000+ women backing you up! Make sure you join our Facebook community so you are receiving your daily dose of inspiration. You are not alone!

That’s it. GirlTrek is free! You don’t need to join a chapter or meet up with a group. You are ready to trek outside your front door! When you take your first step, remember you are a part of something big!


I am a part of Team GirlTrek and we don’t play! I walk at least 30 minutes each day as part of the GirlTrek walking challenges. GirlTrek uses the honor system for logging minutes walked and I only log fitness-related, sustained trekking. For us, “trekking” means I have my sneakers on, my heart is pumping and I’m working hard to break a sweat – whether on the street or a wooded trail. I’m putting the “move” back in movement!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the rule of thumb for cardio-walking, for most people, is a pace of 15 minutes per mile, or four miles per hour. We use this minute–to-mile conversion.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Tweet. Post. Holla out the window! Invite everyone you know to join the movement.

GirlTrek is special because we believe in service. We believe in the power and leadership of women to change communities. Our girls need living, breathing healthy role models like you. We believe that you have the power to influence the people in your life to live healthier.

As such, we believe in "the power of 10". If you - and every single woman like you - commits to finishing a GirlTrek challenge yourself, THEN use your testimony to inspire 10 women to walk with us, we will have a revolution.

If just 1,000 of us succeed in inspiring 10 women to walk – our movement is 10,000 strong. If those 10,000 women succeed, we are a million women strong. That's the power of 10.


One million strong! We will build an online community of one million healthy black women and girls by 2018. We will help 250,000 women and girls complete GirlTrek’s walking challenges and jump start healthier lives. Can’t you see us now? Countless numbers of sistas wearing superhero blue, in neighborhoods across the country! Oooh, “look at me now!”


Did you know that the average freedom seeker on the Underground Railroad walked 15 miles per day. We are walking for our lives too! We are inspired by Black women in history who walked for change. From freedom seekers to bus boycotters, we seek to re-establish walking as a transformative tradition in African American communities. Walking dramatically improves physical health, prevents disease and reduces stress. This is the GirlTrek Movement!


GirlTrek (n.) 1. a personal journey toward health and fulfillment. 2. A national health movement of active black women and girls 3. A nonprofit health organization.


  • Trek Teams: Private and informal walking team of friends, colleagues and family members who support each other in completing the GirlTrek walking challenges.
  • Trek Team Leader: Family and community leaders who start trek teams and provide photos and “testimonies” through weekly reports.
  • Trekker: All women and girls who take the GirlTrek walking challenges.
  • Solo Trekker: A woman or girl who completes the challenge without a team.
  • City Reps: Select official representatives of GirlTrek in key cities who host monthly City Trek Meets.
  • City Trek Meets: Monthly meetups, led by official GirlTrek City Reps.